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“Opportunity” and the COVID crisis go together like peanut butter and . . . motor oil. 

The harsh truth is that the sales and marketing game has changed in light of the epidemic, and is, in many ways, worse for wear. 


But it’s always darkest before the dawn. So for the marketing go-getters and advertising early risers, here are a few tips for getting a jump start on a brighter tomorrow: 

Leap ahead of your shell-shocked competition. When they zig, you zag. And when your competitors are so far into crisis-mode that they can’t even think about marketing, that’s your window of opportunity to act. Don’t let it expire. 

Geo-fence new points of interest. In the upcoming months, pop-up events will be frequent occurrences, many of which may be worth fencing. Examples of pop-ups to watch for include senior shopping events, new testing sites, and areas with increased traffic, such as public parks and parking lots where curbside service is being offered. 

Leverage spikes in digital demand. Even beyond social isolation, the work-from-home revolution will create more digital touchpoints (and more competition) for digital audiences. Account for this shift in your 2020 marketing mix, and make sure your creative is punchy enough to rise about the increased clutter. 

Evaluate your brand strength. COVID was the ultimate brand test for many businesses, especially those that had to go radio silent April 2020 and beyond. Strong brands saw lower-impact sales levels, while weak brands were virtually forgotten within days. If your sales took a huge hit, consider reinforcing your brand. 

As the dust settles from the COVID Crisis, the Automotive Marketing Group is committed to helping clients recover.