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Many of our clients have come to us in a panic to gain back control of their Google By Business (GMB) profile. It often happens innocently enough when an employee leaves without sharing account login details. What can you do if you see your Business Profile on Google is verified, but you have no idea who has control of it? Take a deep breath, relax and follow these simple steps to gain back control.

1.       Log in to Google My Business with the Gmail account you will use to manage your Business Profile. Type in your business name and physical address to locate it at business.google.com/add. You can also pull up your business using Google Search or Google Maps.


2.      Select your business name from above or click on “Own this business?” on the Business Profile as shown below.

3.      You will then be directed to request access. Google provides you with the beginning characters of the current owner’s email address. If this is your Gmail, you can click on the Account Recovery help guide to get you back into your account. If you have no idea on the Gmail, click the “Request Access” button.


4.      Complete the form information and click “Submit” to notify the current owner of your request.



5.      If the owner approves the request, you’ll be alerted by email. If your request is denied, you can suggest an edit or file an appeal with Google. In our experience, you typically won’t hear back from the owner. This person probably doesn’t check the Gmail that is associated with the listing. Google gives them 3 to 7 days to respond. At that point you can go to your Google My Business dashboard and “Claim” or “Verify” the listing as your own.

Congratulations! You are now back in control and armed with a cost-free solution to generate more traffic to your website and business. With a more than 90 percent market share in 2020, promoting your business on Google is a no-brainer. Follow our guide to make sure you stay in control of your business listing and ensure all of your information is accurate, comprehensive and always up-to-date.  If you are paying someone for search engine optimization, ask them about how they are leveraging your GMB listing as part of their service.